Mixing is one of the most important parts of music production. When done properly, enhances the vision of the artist and the mood of the song. Great mix helps the instruments to blend with each other, resulting in a coherent piece of music, and at the same time provides the needed separation and space.

How does it work.

  • Provide me the rough mix of your track.
  • Give me  your vision of the track, what do you want me to enhance. Reference track is also appreciated.
  • In sake of good final results I might suggest some minor changes in your arrangements.
  • I mix the song.
  • I send you several mix revisions throughout the process. Your feedback helps me to acuratelly meet your requirements. (usually 2-3 revisions are enough to achieve this).
  • I deliver the mixdowns. With at least one additional version e.g. “Vocal 1 dB up”.
  • The results of my work are already mastered and don’t need any further processing except some level adjustments to fit into the album/ep loudness.

What to deliver?

  • Each instrument track as separate wav file with 24 bit depth.
  • All the tracks should start at the same moment of the song.
  • If a track has some reverb, please provide additionally 100% dry and 100% wet versions.
  • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.